glamour portraits | boudoir

Boudoir, Glamour

Boudoir in the park! A little white neglige is all you need:)

When we talked about this shoot, we wanted something sexy, bright and natural! Well with the red hair, sunset lighting and park backdrop we got the look we were going for!

outdoor-boudoir-portrait-in-a-park-laying-down-pose-eyes-glancing-down-bright-red-hair-bright-green-eyeshadow-lens-flare-at-bottom-right-cornerThe most eye catching thing about Linley is her bright RED hair!  But the makeup done by makeup by maysa, brings out all her features, and is a little daring! I think the colours are beautiful together and so much fun!!



This session was in downtown Edmonton just before sunset, and the bugs were terrible! Linley was covered in mosquitoes, but you wouldn’t know if from the beautiful shots we got:)



I love outdoor boudoir, so many great places and backgrounds, the possibilities are endless! How do you dream of being photographed?





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