Valentines Day | Boudoir

Boudoir, Glamour

Valentines Day is one of the busiest holidays for Boudoir. A gift a lot of women give to there significant other. But its not only that!


Sexy, empowered, strong, free, just simply amazing! These are just some of the words used to describe the experience my clients have. Which to me, is why I do it.

I know what it is like to feel gross, small, powerless and depressed about myself, its not a fun place to be. That voice in my head would prevent me from really feeling fabulous, and great about myself. Well I kicked that voices ass!!!! Don’t get me wrong, its still there, but I know how to deal with it now:)


Having a Boudoir/Glamour shoot is not going to fix this little voice in our heads, but it sure can give it a boost. We are all our own worst enemy, and I am looking to lighten that load. Giving myself a break and really focusing on what I love about myself. This is what I offer my clients. A chance to squash that voice with an amazing experience of self love, because we are all worthy!



A Boudoir/Glamour session gives you a chance to see yourself as I do and the people around you. Size doesn’t make us beautiful.

What is beautiful is a woman who cares enough about herself to treat herself with LOVE and respect! This Valentines Day, whether you are booking a Boudoir/Glamour session for your significant other or its just for you, just remember you will likely be addicted to the feeling of Self Love:)



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