Linley | Boudoir Photography


The lovely Linley 🙂

Always a pleasure photographing this stunning lady!


Linley is a local Edmonton model. She has been published in magazines, calendars and online! Thanks again for an awesome shoot:)


Hair and Makeup by : Linley  |  Lingerie from : Hush Lingerie



Shaylene | Boudoir Portraits



I had so much fun working with Shaylene, she makes my job easy peasy, she is so gorgeous!

Her super sexy outfits are from Victoria Secret, love the halter top she brought with her it is so unique, I love when my clients bring in something different!

You can check out more of  Shaylene on her page!

LOVE (1) copy 2 edmonton-boudoir-portraits


















Hair and Makeup by: Shaylene |  Lingerie from: Victoria Secret 

Amanda | Outdoor Boudoir Session


Amanda’s Boudoir slideshow!

An outdoor Boudoir session in St.Albert! I love shooting outdoor Boudoir in the summer time! Just make sure to bring the bug spray! Those mosquitos can be a pain in the butt! Literally when your wearing so little 🙂





Valentines Day | Boudoir

Boudoir, Glamour

Valentines Day is one of the busiest holidays for Boudoir. A gift a lot of women give to there significant other. But its not only that!


Sexy, empowered, strong, free, just simply amazing! These are just some of the words used to describe the experience my clients have. Which to me, is why I do it.

I know what it is like to feel gross, small, powerless and depressed about myself, its not a fun place to be. That voice in my head would prevent me from really feeling fabulous, and great about myself. Well I kicked that voices ass!!!! Don’t get me wrong, its still there, but I know how to deal with it now:)


Having a Boudoir/Glamour shoot is not going to fix this little voice in our heads, but it sure can give it a boost. We are all our own worst enemy, and I am looking to lighten that load. Giving myself a break and really focusing on what I love about myself. This is what I offer my clients. A chance to squash that voice with an amazing experience of self love, because we are all worthy!



A Boudoir/Glamour session gives you a chance to see yourself as I do and the people around you. Size doesn’t make us beautiful.

What is beautiful is a woman who cares enough about herself to treat herself with LOVE and respect! This Valentines Day, whether you are booking a Boudoir/Glamour session for your significant other or its just for you, just remember you will likely be addicted to the feeling of Self Love:)



To My Husband | Boudoir Portraits


This is Nicole!!

A nurse, derby girl, lover of character homes, AMAZE BALLS karaoke singer, and my new neighbour!! Wow what a lady!!


Nicole wanted an outdoor location for her Boudoir session, and dog parks just happen to be some of the best! We also wanted to create a little backdrop for her, so I got a long piece of fabric with some tassels on it, hung three wire lamp shades in the middle to create a very cool vintage feel, and strung it all up in a tree. We also got this fabulous vintage chair which finished off the whole look. What a cool custom session:)

20140906-DSC_9495-Edit 20140906-DSC_9566-Edit

Nicole wanted to give her fiancee something special on there wedding day. A person gift of Boudoir in a beautiful album, dedicated to him. I can’t wait for him to open it up and see his sexy women:) I can only imagine the smile on his face, haha!! What a special gift!


20140906-DSC_9707-Edit 20140906-DSC_9708-Edit

I love outdoor Boudoir sessions, this session was at Hermitage Park, in the trees and very private! Hair and makeup was done by Makeup By Elizabeth, Lingerie and nighty was purchased from Victoria’s Secret.




glamour portraits | boudoir

Boudoir, Glamour

Boudoir in the park! A little white neglige is all you need:)

When we talked about this shoot, we wanted something sexy, bright and natural! Well with the red hair, sunset lighting and park backdrop we got the look we were going for!

outdoor-boudoir-portrait-in-a-park-laying-down-pose-eyes-glancing-down-bright-red-hair-bright-green-eyeshadow-lens-flare-at-bottom-right-cornerThe most eye catching thing about Linley is her bright RED hair!  But the makeup done by makeup by maysa, brings out all her features, and is a little daring! I think the colours are beautiful together and so much fun!!



This session was in downtown Edmonton just before sunset, and the bugs were terrible! Linley was covered in mosquitoes, but you wouldn’t know if from the beautiful shots we got:)



I love outdoor boudoir, so many great places and backgrounds, the possibilities are endless! How do you dream of being photographed?




Spring is in the air….


It feels like a long time coming! I am so very excited to be shooting outside, with all the green trees and colourful flowers! There is nothing like taking my clients outdoors to do portraits, the warm sun makes for amazing light.
This shot was taken in a field on the east side of Edmonton, in an abandoned business lot. Just goes to show you can find beauty anywhere. This was a great session from last summer!



Lady D | Edmonton Boudoir Photography


Well here she is!! Lady D:)

Dani reese-asaurus is a local Edmonton model. I had SO much FUN working with her! We chatter for a good half of the session before shooting!! This shoot was at the Photographer Studio in Edmonton, it was my first time shooting there but not my last! This is a great option for those clients who don’t want to shoot at there homes or are looking for something different, it is great!!

Hope you guys like the post, and don’t forget to leave a reply, i LOVE hearing from you!! You can check out more of Dani at!!!