Chris and Janelle | Destination Wedding


Janelle and Chris were married on the beach in Punta Cana, surrounded by there friends and family! It was a beautiful intimate wedding and I am so grateful to have been apart of it:) Thank you so much Janelle and Chris!

Bride-getting-her-makeup-done2016-08-26_0036 2016-08-26_0037 2016-08-26_0038

What can I say about there first look other than there was a lot of butt grabbing! Haha This was probably one of my favourite moments of the day! I love when couples are just so goofy with each other, not taking things too serous, and just being in the moment!

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This group was SO much FUN!! You can tell there is a ton of love in this group and they are not afraid to get down! There was laughter, tears and most of all smiles going around all week long.

After a serous incident and almost losing Janelle, there is so much to celebrate! Family and friends gathered around these two and helped support an unbelievable recovery to make this day possible! Congratulations you two, I can’t wait to see what the future brings you:)




Linley | Boudoir Photography


The lovely Linley 🙂

Always a pleasure photographing this stunning lady!


Linley is a local Edmonton model. She has been published in magazines, calendars and online! Thanks again for an awesome shoot:)


Hair and Makeup by : Linley  |  Lingerie from : Hush Lingerie



Shaylene | Boudoir Portraits



I had so much fun working with Shaylene, she makes my job easy peasy, she is so gorgeous!

Her super sexy outfits are from Victoria Secret, love the halter top she brought with her it is so unique, I love when my clients bring in something different!

You can check out more of  Shaylene on her page!

LOVE (1) copy 2 edmonton-boudoir-portraits


















Hair and Makeup by: Shaylene |  Lingerie from: Victoria Secret 


Lao and Harvey | Sturgeon Valley Golf & Country Club


Lao and Harvey’s  beautiful fall wedding was at the Sturgeon Valley Golf & Country Club.


When Harvey saw Lao for the first time in her dress, it brought tears to my eyes! These two are so in love and that just melts my heart:) These moments are what makes weddings so special, and I am so blessed to be able to capture them! Thank you so much Lao and Harvey!



Melissa & Steven | Engagement Portraits


These two are getting hitched!!


I am looking forward to next year, when these two have an intimate wedding in Edmonton with friends and family.

A river side photo shoot was perfect for this fun loving goofy couple! Getting these two to smooch was NO Problem, haha! I think they were even a little sad when it was all over! But not to worry, next year we will be taking LOTS of pictures together:)






Sisters | North Saskatchewan River

Glamour, Portraiture

Cool sisters + a cool location = awesome shoot!!



Talia and Kiana are two very beautiful TALL sisters:)

We went down to the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton, and did a sisters session. I love sister sessions, reminds me of my sisters and how much we fought!! haha just kidding… a little:)

Family portraits are something I have been doing more and more of. Ever since our little man came along I know how important these pictures are. Having those memories up on your wall brings a smile to your face!

We had some fun in the sun blowing bubbles and laughing! Whether it was talking about chicken farts, and how it felt like a couples portrait session, it was pretty great!Thanks again Talia and Kiana for letting me capture the two of you:)


My Little Family


On April 5th we welcomed Gray Alexander into our lives, and things got a whole lot crazier!! 🙂

The emotions that hit me in the days to follow were very un expected. I was trying my best but couldn’t fight back the anxiety I felt. I was in pretty rough shape emotionally and was struggling to keep it together. I was shaming myself. That’s right shaming MYSELF! Why? Well it turns out I wasn’t that great at breastfeeding, and I sooo badly wanted to be GREAT at it! I struggled through pain, no sleep, soreness, anxiety attacks and tears. My poor little baby was doing his best to get what he needed, but there just wasn’t enough there.

So after a few weeks I cried through the decision to stop. And guess what, shit got sooo much better!! My emotions calmed, and I became more of myself again. Deciding to stop breast feeding was the best decision for me and my baby. I understand that breast feeding is the best way to nourish our little ones, trust me I have read ALL the articles, and I know ALL the benefits, I really wanted to be good at it, but I wasn’t expecting it to be sooo HARD, for me!

So with the support of Mr.Cheesy we switched to formula, our little guy is doing great, gaining weight in his gorgeous little thighs and cheeks:) and I am not a complete cry face mess!

At two months he is a smiley, loves listening to music and being held…a lot…maybe too much…but I don’t care, he will only be this little once:) So I will squish him and snuggle him as much as I want! He is the most amazing thing I have seen, and I will make sure to share with ALL of you his little face as he grows up to be a curious little man!!

Life is good with these two crazy dudes:)


Amanda | Outdoor Boudoir Session


Amanda’s Boudoir slideshow!

An outdoor Boudoir session in St.Albert! I love shooting outdoor Boudoir in the summer time! Just make sure to bring the bug spray! Those mosquitos can be a pain in the butt! Literally when your wearing so little 🙂





Joy’s Session | Maternity Portraits

Maternity, Portraiture

Joy is having a BABY GIRL!!

I love doing maternity portraits, there is just something special about being pregnant, and I get to capture it:) Which is pretty awesome!

maternity-portrait-outside-beside-the-river-in-saskatoonThis session was a little last minute, Joy was my hairstylist and makeup artist for another shoot I was doing! (fabulously talented, and located at Visions Salon and Spa in Saskatoon) She didn’t have a maternity photographer yet so we got together and did this session right down by the river. I love shooting by the river in Saskatoon, you can get super close without fearing of falling in haha!


outdoor-maternity-session-in-saskatoon-black-and-white-imageJoy is super stylish and pretty much crazy photogenic! So naturally so is her baby bump:) I had a great time working with Joy and plan on doing more whenever I get back to Saskatoon!




Congrats on your beautiful baby girl! I am sure she will bring you so much Joy:)